11 reasons to walk more

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Do you want to have good health and be in good shape, but do not / desire to exercise every day or go to the gym? We have good news for you! Walking is one of the best, most affordable and extremely effective ways to stay in good physical shape.

Walking once again from work to home, or from home to store a couple of blocks is not that time-consuming, but very useful for well-being. The more you walk, the better the result!

So start right from today! Here are 11 good reasons why daily walks of 30-45 minutes are essential:

  • Walking reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Believe it or not, walking is good for your intelligence and your psychological well-being.

According to data published in the Arthritis Foundation, walking does indeed reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

A study from the University of Virginia showed that older people (71-93 years old) who walk more than half a kilometer daily are half as likely to get Alzheimer’s as people of the same age who do not.

  • It increases muscle tone.

Sorry for the triviality, but exercise really does help build muscle. This also applies to walking. When you walk, you are loading not only your leg muscles, but also your abdominal muscles.

Of course, in order to pump them properly, you need to go to the gym.
However, a 45-minute walk during the day is enough to keep them in good shape. And if during this you monitor your posture, then you can also strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and waist.

  • Improves the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure. Anyone who has heart problems should definitely see a doctor. It is obvious. But walking can be a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
    In addition, it helps lower blood pressure.
  • Helps to improve the functioning of the digestive tract.
    Sarah Sarna is a women’s health expert. She says walking is very beneficial. The habit of long walks reduces the likelihood of rectal cancer by 31%.

And regular walking for 10-15 minutes several times a day is useful for normal intestinal motility.

  • After walking, the mood improves.

If you’re not in the mood, the best way to handle it is with a little walk.

Scientists have found that people who take 30-45 minute walks at least 5 times a week are more likely to be in a good mood than those who do not. In addition, such people are less likely to feel overwhelmed. Not bad, right?

  • It reduces the risk of glaucoma.

For people who are susceptible to this disease, doctors recommend daily walks. What for? Because walking reduces eye pressure.

Walking or jogging more than three times a week can significantly reduce eye pressure.

  • Walking helps control weight.
    We are sure you will be pleased to know this: to control your weight, you do not have to sweat for hours in the gym.

Losing weight is as easy as going for a walk. Women who follow a standard diet but walk for an hour daily
lose weight much faster.

  • Strengthens bones.

Walking can strengthen bones and joints. Walking can stop bone loss in people with osteoporosis.
In addition, there are studies that prove the benefits of walking for older women. Walking for half an hour daily reduces the risk of hip fractures by 40%.

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes.
    30-40 minutes of brisk walking a day reduces the risk of diabetes.
    And diabetes expert Tami Ross is sure: 20-30 minutes walking a day and you can lower your blood sugar for the next 24 hours.
  • Improves lung function.

We won’t surprise anyone if we say that exercise is good for the respiratory system. However, few people know how useful they actually are.

With active walking, breathing quickens, the blood is enriched with oxygen. This leads to the fact that harmful substances are removed from the body, energy increases, and renewal occurs.

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