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Canada is a federal state in North America with a predominantly French-speaking population. Canada has 3 territories and 10 provinces. The desire to immigrate to this country has recently been gaining more and more popularity among citizens of other states. This is due to the fact that Canada adheres to quite liberal views on this topic. And also ranks first in the ranking of countries in the world in terms of quality of life. This status of Canada is due to the availability of medical care, low crime rates, and high environmental indicators of the country. In addition, Canadian legislation provides for the possibility of dual citizenship, the presence of which allows you not to renounce your previous citizenship and freely visit both countries without a visa, which is a priority for many immigrants.
One of the nonimmigrant ways to enter Canada is a tourist visit. This method is quite understandable, for its implementation it is necessary to issue a tourist visa, which makes it possible to stay in the country. After the expiry of the permit, the person undertakes to leave the country.


Not many people know such a thing as a “guest visa”. In fact, this is the same tourist destination, only with a slight clarification during registration. An invitation from a Canadian citizen to visit the country is additionally included in the package of documents for a guest visa.

Business visit

To travel to Canada in order to solve business problems, you must apply for an appropriate visa. It is called a “business visa”. In the process of obtaining this permit, it is required to provide a package of documents confirming the purpose of visiting the country. This package must include an invitation to Canada from an official business partner with the name of the firm / corporation.

Getting an education

To implement this method of immigration, you must apply to study in Canada as an international student. After its approval, a student visa is required. The next step is to enter a state Canadian university and pay the tuition fees. A student visa is issued for no more than 1 year and requires further extension. Also, this document allows the student to work in his free time for no more than 20 hours a week.

The opportunity to stay in the country legally opens after successful graduation. Having received a document on education, the graduate must apply for a work visa. A work visa is a document confirming the legality of stay and work in the territory of the state that issues this confirmation. You will have to be patient to get the necessary permission.

The first step is to look for an employer and get an official invitation from him for a specific position in the company. The employment process has its own subtleties and will take some time. A person who has agreed to hire an immigrant must submit vacancy advertisements to local sources of information and write a statement to Labor Canada of their intention. After these actions, waiting for the decision of the Ministry is required. The maximum period for consideration of such issues in Canada is 1 month.

If the request was satisfied and the decision was made in favor of the immigrant, you should proceed to the next stage – the collection of documents. You must provide the following package:

2-Labor book
3-Police clearance certificate
4-Diploma of Education
5-International IELTS Certificate in English

In case of approval for the position, a contract is drawn up for the duration of the visa with its subsequent extension. Thus, after several years of work in the country, the immigrant changes the status of a temporary resident of Canada to a permanent one. A person who has received the status of a permanent resident of the country is not its citizen, but at the same time has the right to protection in accordance with Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, medical assistance and social benefits. And also the opportunity to live, study and work in the country. In addition, it is this status that allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Marriage with a Canadian citizen

This way of emigrating to Canada from Russia is one of the most common. At first glance, the scheme of its implementation seems simple. First, a marriage is concluded with a citizen or citizen of Canada, then you enter the country legally, as an escort of a spouse, apply for citizenship, satisfy the request and terminate the relationship without the risk of losing the right to stay in the country. But in practice, this process looks different.

Canada protects the rights of its citizens, and therefore moving to this country for permanent residence by entering into a fictitious marriage is a waste of time and money. The state carefully checks the truth of the relationship between partners and the presence of mutual feelings, I reinforce

For immigration programs

There is an opportunity to obtain Canadian citizenship through special migration programs. These include child care and assistance programs for people with high medical needs. Thus, you can become a Canadian citizen by getting a job as a nanny, nurse, orderly, nurse assistant or nurse and having successfully worked for 2 years.

Immigration as a refugee

In case of violation of human rights by the state in whose territory the victim lives, there is a threat to health and life, oppression of interests, the person has the opportunity to ask for protection and asylum from the authorities of another state, including Canada. Obtaining refugee status in Canada requires documentary evidence of the impossibility of further residence in the home country.

An applicant for this status must provide evidence of a violation of rights, attempts to seek help from law enforcement agencies, the lack of results of treatment, the constant existence of a threat to health and life, which cannot be eliminated by changing his place of residence within his state.

A person recognized as a refugee in Canada receives the right to work, free medical care, and education in Canadian institutions. If a person’s financial situation does not allow him to support himself or his family, he has the opportunity to apply to Social Welfare Canada with an application for benefits. In addition, the refugee acquires the same rights as Canadian citizens.

A Canadian residence permit is a document confirming a person’s right to long-term residence in the territory of a country of which he is not a citizen. In other words, this is the Resident Status. To obtain it, you must successfully complete the immigration process. The most famous residency programs are the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Express Entry, as well as the Business Immigration and Family Sponsorship program mentioned above.

The Express Entry program selects highly qualified applicants for Canadian residency who have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the state’s economy.

The selection system is quite tough. To register for Express Entry you need to create your own profile. Permission to create it can be obtained by giving detailed answers to questions about education, age, marital status, knowledge of foreign languages. After filling in the personal data, the system will determine whether the applicant meets the requirements of the current programs.

If the candidate is eligible for any migration program, the created profile falls under the Express Entry points system. The maximum number of points that can be collected is 1200. These include basic and additional marks in a 50/50 ratio.

The main 600 points are awarded for age, education, language skills, work experience and marital status of the applicant. Additional bonuses in the case of a spouse is the accrual of points for work experience and knowledge of the language by a partner. It is worth noting that when assessing the work experience and language abilities of a spouse, only activities in Canada are taken into account.

The next 600 points are additional. These marks are awarded if the applicant demonstrates knowledge of French at CLB7 level. And also if you have a higher education received at a Canadian university. In addition, the presence of permanent residents of Canada among the close relatives of the applicant or his spouse may play a role.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a provincial migration program through which you can obtain a residence permit in Quebec (one of ten provinces in Canada). The main requirements for an applicant are the need for a professional or higher education, as well as at least 1 year of work experience in a specialty.

The selection of candidates is carried out according to the already known principle of counting points. It should be noted that this program has its own system of their accrual and is not connected with other grading systems.

The requirements for the number of points depend on the marital status of the applicant. If the applicant is not married, the maximum number of points for him is 49. If the role of the applicant is a family union – 57.

Applicants are assessed by the program according to such criteria as: age, education, language skills, availability of an invitation to work, work experience in the specialty, marital status, financial capital. Two more positions that stand out from the general list are: connection with Quebec and the obligatory passing of the French language test.

In the case of identity confirmation, the Quebec Provincial Certificate should be obtained. The presence of this document makes it possible to move on. The next step is to apply to the Federal Immigration Service of Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to obtain Resident Status. After obtaining a residence permit, you can safely apply for citizenship.

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