Dinner you need: 10 foods to eat at night

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You’ve probably heard the saying that it is better to give dinner to the enemy. And about the fact that after 18 – no, no. Forget it! It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a lot of weight or lose just a couple of extra pounds, dinner must be part of your diet. Yes, it is very important to have dinner in order to maintain a slim figure. The question is what exactly.

First, understand: it’s not the time you eat that matters, but the quantity and quality of the food on your plate. You have certainly heard that metabolism goes down at night. But the work in your body goes on constantly.

While you sleep, new hormones are formed, skin and hair cells divide. And for all this, the body needs resources. Which you will get if you eat right.

White poultry

Braised, baked, grilled, steamed or slow cooked – you can cook this meat as you like. But frying it in oil is not recommended – this method of cooking increases the calorie content of the finished dish by 40 percent. By the way, white meat of chicken and turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which soothes and tune in to sleep better than any herbal tea. But do not forget about the amount – 130 g of chicken or turkey for dinner, no more.

Sea fish

In terms of assimilation, this product will outperform poultry meat. The body will need about three hours to digest the fish, no more. Unlike freshwater inhabitants, marine inhabitants are rich in trace elements that are necessary for the synthesis of skin proteins – collagen and elastane.


The most dietary option for seafood. And there is a lot of protein in it, and iodine, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, is enough. For dinner, dishes made from boiled or stewed squid without oil are suitable.


A traditional morning product can be the basis for a hearty, healthy dinner, such as fritata with vegetables. Chicken protein is balanced in amino acid composition, which means that the body will receive everything it needs to synthesize hormones. By the way, it is recommended to eat only egg whites in the evening, it is better to leave the yolk for the morning.


Superfood for vegetarians dinner. After all, these legumes combine both proteins and carbohydrates. For dinner, choose black lentils. In addition, it prepares quickly – only 5 minutes.

Green vegetables

Lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, sprouts – all of these foods are low in calories, but they also contain healthy fiber and water-soluble vitamins. The latter are necessary for the formation of skin cells (as you remember, this process intensifies at night). In the evening, it is enough to eat about 250 g of green salad.


This low-calorie cereal is a valuable source of a lot of micronutrients that are useful for you. Of course, you don’t need to eat a plate of porridge at night. But a couple of spoons of boiled buckwheat with vegetables is what you need!

Cottage cheese

Choose cottage cheese no more than 5% fat. But you better not eat it raw. Make cheese cakes or casseroles from it – this way you will get a feeling of satiety not for a couple of hours, but at least 4 hours.

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