Do the bridge while lying down every day – and this is what will happen

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Perhaps every girl dreams of becoming the owner of a beautiful priests. However, nothing comes easy; beautiful buttocks are the result of constant exercise, especially in our current sedentary society, which uses the buttocks exclusively for sitting.

And by the way, the gluteal muscles, like the rest of the muscle groups in our body, need to be strengthened and moved, which the gluteal muscles are provided with an exercise called “lying pelvis lift”, “lying bridge” or “buttocks bridge”. Perhaps you have heard other variants of the name of this exercise – this is not so important.

What is really important is that the correct execution of the prone bridge will allow you to properly warm up the gluteal muscles.

However, there is one problem – not everyone realizes what pelvic lifts can do for their body.

And this:

1- Lying pelvis lift will banish back pain

Glutes weakened by lack of activity are a sure way to back pain. When the erector spine and the hamstrings take over the work of the gluteus muscles, so-called gluteal amnesia (Gluteal Amnesia) occurs. This leads to the fact that the load that the hips must take on is transferred to the lower back, which is not designed for these purposes. As a result, back pain appears.

Do a glute bridge every day to awaken your glutes and pelvic area. This will help your body remember to use your glutes for movement, not your lower back.

2- Lying pelvis lifts will cause knee pain to leave you

One of the main causes of knee pain is inadequate control of the femur; it may slide slightly forward, twist or move closer to the center of the body. Such frequent movements lead to knee pain. The gluteus muscles play an important role in the control of the femur at the hip joint, which affects the movement of other bones connected by the knee joint.

The buttock bridge (especially the one-leg version) will “teach” the thigh bone to be in the correct position and relieve knee pain.

3- You will get Taller

Working out in the gym is great, but if you spend the rest of the day shrinking, an hour of training will not return you to perfect posture. Active and strong gluteal muscles and pelvic bowl help to sit properly, i.e. muscles located under and above the pelvis, such as the core muscles, take a hit when these muscles are weak, resulting in poor posture

4- Beautiful ass

It is very difficult to pass by a beautiful priests without paying attention to her. So it was and so it will be. It makes no sense to describe this item – you yourself know everything.

Just do a bridging for the buttocks every day – and do not be surprised that your significant other will begin to grab your buttocks more often

5- A lying bridge will solve your problems with jeans

As a rule, women often face a huge problem – sometimes they just can’t get into their favorite jeans. The solution to this problem is simple and ingenious – the perfect ass that will look perfect in almost any jeans.

What is needed for this? Perform lying pelvic raises every day

6- You will be able to set personal records for deadlifts and squats

Deadlifts and squats require the activity and strength of the gluteus muscles. Weak and inactive gluteal muscles are unable to create sufficient hip tension – this is the problem many trainees face. The reason is the lack of effective interaction of the hips and core.

One of the benefits of doing a glute bridge is that there are many variations of this exercise aimed at both activating and strengthening the gluteal muscles. Therefore, lying pelvic raises will help you to achieve great success in deadlifts and squats with a barbell.

In general, doing a buttocks bridge every day can help you get rid of annoying back and knee pains and train your muscles, making other exercises in the gym and everyday life much easier for you!

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