Immigration to Canada: Everything you wanted to know


Immigration to Canada
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The truth is that there is no shortage of reasons to immigrate to Canada. After all, it is the most educated country in the world, with a developed economy and a high standard of living. It is a welfare state that cares for its residents and subsidizes many services and activities. Canada has diverse growth options and relatively low cost of living, which explains why it is possible to live well even if only one spouse works. Studies in Canada are also of a high standard, and unlike the United States are offered to residents at a reasonable price. Another plus is that the relations between Canada and India, as of the current point in time, are excellent.


In Canada, the immigration system is particularly advanced, with about 300,000 immigrants arriving each year. These are not migrant workers, but people who believe they can integrate into Canadian society and the fabric of life in the country, which is one of the reasons why Canada gives priority to immigrants from OCED countries, including India. Canadians encourage the migration of people from these countries against the background of the minority of the local population in the country in relation to the area, the minority of births, the relative shortage of young families and more.

It is important to note that the Canadian government has set a number of basic requirements on the way to receiving the Canadian “award”, citizenship and passport. “The bottom line is that Canada’s rules of the game must be adhered to. They may seem bureaucratically rigid from the outset, but when handled properly and adhered to, no significant difficulties are expected,” explains Yuval, an expert on immigration programs for Canada from GIC Canada.

The steps on the way to the Canadian passport

Their people lack data to go on to major pathways such as lack of education or employment experience and are offered supplemental scoring programs through Canadian experience of study, work or a combination of the two. After two years, they earn enough points to apply for permanent residency. As long as they meet the requirements and during their stay avoid entanglement with the law enforcement authorities (illegal work, forgery of documents, etc.), there is a good chance that they will receive the desired permanent residency.

The bottom line is that according to the parameters mentioned above a score is calculated for each candidate, with the immigration authorities selecting the candidates with the highest score and offering them different immigration plans, depending on their profile. In the case of couples wishing to emigrate to Canada, the government approves that only one of the spouses will go through the process, and he will be the one who will later become the sponsor, with the approval of the Ministry of Immigration, to his or her spouse. The couple, by the way, do not have to be married: living together is sufficient in this respect for obtaining sponsorship status.

Canada offers different and varied immigration programs, tailored to the profile of the candidates and the place to which they seek to immigrate within the country. For example, in Canada there are ten provinces, each with its own immigration programs, different sought-after professions and different requirements that change from time to time.

All roads lead to Canada

The entry ticket of most immigrants to Canada is through studies, the relevant and simpler route among those offered. GIC Canada points out that the “demon” is really not terrible, so there is no need to shy away from it. The curricula are many and comprehensive, including relatively short-term and short-term programs, so that with the right intention you can choose the most appropriate programs for the applicant. In order to simplify the stay in the country economically, throughout the study period, foreign students can work part-time during their studies and full-time during vacations and holidays. The student’s spouse receives an open work visa, which allows him to work in the country full time without any restrictions. Upon graduation, the graduate can also obtain an open work visa, and most importantly – apply for permanent residency in the country in one of the existing tracks.

The migration process to Canada is dynamic and multi-stage. It requires familiarity with the main rules of the game, followed by various actions some of which are done in parallel: collecting and submitting documents, managing the profile and fulfilling the instructions of the Immigration Authority. In most programs it is recommended to prepare about half a year to a year in advance. “Many people do not have the power or ability to make these inquiries, when the information available on the Internet, for example, is not comprehensive or accurate enough. In addition, we identify difficulty in adjusting immigration or study programs, in the absence of sufficient knowledge,” explains Yuval. “Our company has a professional team, which handles ping pong with clients – from the initial consultation that lasts about an hour, through the bureaucratic process required for immigration to accompaniment in Canada and assistance in obtaining permanent residency. This helps with issues such as work, opening bank accounts and the like.”

And what about those who are afraid of the English language?

“Knowing English may not be a problem at all, but the requirement is for basic English and above. There are different types of tests in English, depending on the program, but at the general level there is really nothing to worry about. A person who has done four units in English, or three with a good grade, “At a reasonable level, it is expected to pass. Of course, the language can be strengthened through preparation for tests, or even watching English TV.”

“By and large, those who want to immigrate to Canada are likely to succeed, although some time and effort are needed. Canada wants the immigrants and needs young families, the educated or the working hands. It can even be said that it needs the immigrants no less than they need it. It is done quite automatically and simply. “

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