Migration to Canada Professions and Workers Required 2021


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The Government of Canada operates a system of immigration applications called “Express Entry” whose main purpose is to select more efficiently (via the points method), professional workers usually skilled with degrees in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and workers with a job offer from a Canadian employer or licensee / Canadian Certified Occupational / Technical / Handicraft Certification Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) with high potential for integration into Canadian society and economy.


In order to be eligible to enter the “profile” in the database of candidates in the Express Entry system, you must meet various criteria such as: age, education, professional occupation, experience, and proven abilities in English or French.

Each track has a threshold of points (0-1200) which is derived from the number of people in each draw when the candidates who received the most points above the threshold are invited to apply for permanent residency.

March 2020 – The required score on the FSWP track was around 460 points. And in the FSTP track – about 350 points.

If you have passed the eligibility threshold in scoring you can fit into one of the immigration programs and you and your family can fulfill a dream and start a new life full of great opportunities in Canada! (Subject to visa conditions of course).

Once applicants have been invited to apply for permanent residency, they must meet the conditions of medical eligibility and lack of criminal record.

In our collaboration with VB & Associates, we will focus on the process of checking your suitability and eligibility for the two main visas that grant resident status:

The federal program for professional and technical workers – Federal Skill Trade Worker Visa

In the overall INTAKE meeting that will be held as part of the consultation meeting, we will also present you with the requirements for these visa routes and identify the characteristics of your profile that can match the visa requirements. VB & Associates will check and confirm your eligibility based on the personal data you provided at the meeting and will recommend the immigration route based on a profession that best suits you.

In the first stage of the process we will offer you the existing options according to the personal data available for immigration to Canada and according to your choice.

The federal program for employees with required professions
(Federal Skilled Trades Program)
Across Canada there is a great demand for skilled professionals who do not hold an academic degree but vocational training. If you are a craftsman / profession and have studied in vocational schools or have undergone professional training in areas such as: welding, technicians, cooks and confectioners, mechanics on every issue, electrical system workers, various installers in the field of communications, construction workers, metalworkers, air conditioning practical engineers and more , This route may suit you.

(Please fill out the eligibility check questionnaire and we will check if the profession you have chosen is included in it)

Summary of basic program requirements:

In order to be eligible to apply for Express Entry to Canada through FSTP, you must meet the following threshold requirements:

1- Job offer from a Canadian employer or a Canadian certification / graduation certificate *

2- Minimum experience of two years full-time work in a specific field during the last five years and at least three years of experience in the field in general.

3- Matriculation certificate plus professional training as part of a work or vocational school (thirteenth, fourteenth grade).

  1. English and French are the official languages ​​in Canada, so it is required to prove your language skills in English or in the French language assessed by an authorized assessment exam, such as IELTS (English) at level 5 at least in all indices or TEF (French).

5- You will be required to meet health criteria, and the absence of a criminal record.

  • VB & ASSOCIATES will assist you in evaluating the profession and how you can convert your license to a Canadian license

To check your eligibility for initial eligibility, please visit the eligibility check page –

The Federal Skilled Worker Program
The Federal Program for Skilled Workers (FSWP) was created for educated professionals with a proven level of professionalism and skill, an academic degree, and good English who can move to Canada to contribute to the country’s economy. This is a Canadian immigration program designed for people from all over the world who have at least one year of full-time work experience over the past 10 years in one of the occupations that typically require academic education. Most of the professions with high demand from employers are in the fields of health, management, technology, finance, education and engineering.

The following are examples of the required FSWP professionals track:

Certified Public Accountants; Architects, engineers, software engineers and computer programmers, construction managers, dentists, primary school teachers and principals, financial analysts, human resources managers, health managers, occupational therapists, pharmacists; Doctors, physiotherapists; Psychologists, registered nurses and more…

Key criteria for track professionals are required in Canada FSWP

The program is based on points given according to various criteria that predict a successful integration in the Canadian economy and society. Points were determined for age, English or French language skills, level of education, appropriate work experience (at required skill level), suitable offer for Canadian employment and various components of adaptation and integration. In order to assess the abilities of the English or French language one must prepare for a standard and approved proficiency test, such as IELTS (in English) or TEF (in French). Criteria for health and the absence of a criminal record must be met, and in addition, there may be other eligibility requirements that change from time to time.

If you meet the eligibility requirements of the Professional Federal Workers’ Program (FSWP), you may be able to apply for the Canada Rapid Migration System. (Express Entry). Applicants for Canadian immigration selected from the POOL will receive an official invitation to apply for a permanent resident visa to Canada, with the decision being submitted within just six months after their full visa application has been submitted to the Canadian Immigration Authority.

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