Warning Signs Your Dog Is Dying

There comes a time when age or disease makes it impossible for your dog to live a good life. When that time comes, the most responsible and humane thing caregivers can do if given them rest and allowing them to pass away painlessly, in peace, and in company of the people that they loved so much.

Making this choice is always difficult, but some times we have to make the hard choices for the ones we love. Here are some of the signs you should be aware of that mean it’s time for them to pass away.

1. Weight Loss

You take your pooch to their annual check-up every year and that’s the only time they step on a scale. This means that gradual weight loss is not something you can notice right away, but one day you’ll see that your dog looks too skinny and suddenly you’ll notice that they’ve been eating less than before. This is definitely an issue, and for dogs who are sick or aging, it’s a concern.

2. Loss of Coordination

Loss of coordination is very common on senior dogs of all breeds, but a dog that’s close to the finish line will become very unsteady in their movements and clumsy. If your dog looks very dizzy and they have a hard time changing positions or they walk into things, it’s a red flag. Some dogs choose to stay inactive for as long as possible as a result, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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