Why you run and lose weight: 5 most common mistakes

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What is the first thing you do if you’re trying to lose weight, but you see that the scales have been showing the same weight for a long time? Of course, you increase your cardio load. We are trying to explain why this is not always the right decision.

Mistake # 1: your workouts are monotonous.

Your body is an amazing machine. So incredible that it is geared towards efficiency. What it means: If you do the same exercises every day, they will become easier for you every day and eventually you will reach a dead end. In the case of running, each workout is perceived by the body as a challenge, and after it the body becomes stronger. Even though you sweat as you did yesterday and kick off the ground with your feet just as hard, your metabolism learns to react to it all very quickly. And over time, he will learn to save calories, and not spend them. Here’s the first “why running doesn’t always help you lose weight.”

Research from the University of Tampa has found that a 45-minute treadmill session at a constant pace will help you shed excess, but only for the first time. Therefore, we repeat once again: your metabolism gets used to the load, so you need to surprise it as often as possible.

Add some strength training to your runs to get your metabolism back to full strength. Believe me, you will have to spend a lot of energy to recover from a difficult set with dumbbells.

Mistake # 2: you run longer, but not faster

One of the most important components of cardio is exercise intensity. If you follow the workout of your boyfriend, girlfriend, stranger, or anyone else, you will notice that almost all of them choose a pace in which they can run as long as possible. Of course, they save energy. But then they do not consume body fat as fuel. So the next time you’re on a treadmill, ellipse, or bike, try to increase the load for at least a short time. That is, alternate a quiet activity with 10-30 seconds of acceleration every five minutes. A study at the University of Western Ontario compared two groups. The first performed 4 to 6 30-second accelerations, while the second ran for 30-60 minutes. And the results were amazing. The first group was able to burn more fat.

So remember, almost all exercises that work well for endurance do not burn fat well.

Mistake # 3: you are obsessed with the number of calories you burn

The calorie burner counters are installed in every machine. Well, tell me, how do they know exactly how many calories you just burned? In fact, they are much more likely to mislead us and do more harm than good. And that’s why. These machines do not know you personally, your height, weight, lifestyle, body fat, after all. And tell me, why are they trying to judge how many donuts you burned during your next run? Believe me, this information can be very far from the truth. Throughout the day you burn a certain amount of calories – you go to the subway, lie on the couch, watch your favorite TV series … Think about spending calories whenever you can. And this case is always there. But can this be a reason not to go to workout? Of course not.

Physical activity gives the body a lot – and health comes first here. So in the gym, the first thing to notice is the type of exercise you are doing. Your muscles, like a three-year-old child, are very active and need attention. And if you pay attention to them, that is, do strength exercises in addition to running, they will help you burn unnecessary fat.

Mistake # 4: you don’t try other cardio

Now that you know that muscle is important for burning fat, consider the type of exercise you will do to get leaner. If you like long runs at a calm pace, we hasten to upset you, but it is they who “spoil” the muscles and prevent them from growing and developing. If you add hilly road workouts to your regular running diet, even that can’t compare to running a bike, which burns fat better and builds muscle faster. And the question here is not that “running does not work”, but which way to say goodbye to excess weight will be the most effective for you.

If you want to get in shape very quickly, replace long runs with high speed cycling. Or cycling.

Mistake # 5: you run too much (yes, you are not mistaken, it says “a lot”)

It may sound strange, but your plateau effect may be the result of a lot of running in your life. Of course, exercise is a very important health component. However, exercise is stressful for your body, the consequences of which are the burning of excess fat. Do not forget that hormones also control this process. In particular, cortisol, a stress hormone that appears in your body in large quantities during exercise, in small doses, stress is really good for the body. But chronic stress can lead to insulin resistance and cause your body to store fat in the waist area, despite the fact that you work too hard to get rid of them.

So remember that long-distance runners can hurt themselves – increased cortisol levels over a long period of time can lead to inflammation, slow recovery, muscle injuries, fat storage, and damage to your immune system.

Remember to eat right, diversify your workout plan, and don’t focus on cardio (an hour a day is enough). And, most importantly, also don’t get hung up on just running, please.

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